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wedding photographer of kanpur

We are the best wedding photographers in Kanpur who loves to photo journal your Eternal special Occasion. The story of your biggest day remains on Photos Eternally and we are delighted wedding photographers in Kanpur for capturing the Un-Forgettable smiles on the Face. We don't believe on "Just Snaps" Every picture we see, has Life a soul which would make tears of joy which lasts ever and this makes us the best Candid Photographers in Kanpur. Your Wedding is more important than spending hours running around getting scenic and photos, where we have share your works to make remarkable lives of Eternal Living Pictures. A Marriage is a collective Happiness with all the close people around, and we would feel very bad when we cannot share our joy. We opened the doors for You, Inviting You, customers, to take advantage of the Awesome Photographers at Kanpur.

We have a vision for every wedding, we make sure you forget your traditional roles of photographer and videographer and relish the moments of your loved ones who remain with you on Your Fabulous Day. We promised and will promise You, we are sure it’s not the Camera we hold for 15Min or 15Hours, Its the Intimacy of Relationship which is built on Photos which will ever bring out the True Life of a Picture, A True Happiness You share to your Friends and Family, A Location Where Your children's share your Pictures to their Friends, We Love the Photos and videos which make us closer to the step of our every Happy client which makes us the best candid wedding photographers in Kanpur.

"The Art of emotional Photography is always a best price you provide for Your Eternal Moments, New Super Photo Lab is extremely excited to create such Eternal Moments which lives through ages which makes us the most professional photographers in Kanpur."